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Personalized Coaching Support

applying for Disability

One-on-one coaching to help you navigate the social security disability application process.

Tired of feeling overwhelmed when you think about applying for disability?

Do you:

  • Know or suspect that you need benefits
  • Feel unsure how to proceed or what the rules are?
  • Feel embarrassed or ashamed about applying
  • Fear applying because you’ve heard horror stories?
  • Keep putting off applying because it feels so hard to do

it isn't easy...

You deserve your benefits and I'm here to help you get them!

woman in wheelchair leans backwards with the chair handles against a brick wall and her rest up in the air. She is dressed in a work jacket and khacki pants

Understand how the process works. Social Security isn’t the most straightforward program to navigate and the title “Disability” covers more than one benefit program.

Feel confident in your application. Send in the appropriate information with the right amount of details, maximizing your chance of getting benefits on your initial application.

Understand your emotional response. The thing that’s rarely discussed is just how emotionally painful applying for  Disability can be. There is a lot of grief  and loss involved, and you deserve to  understand why and have  support  in processing  it. 

I hired Alison because I was feeling very desperate, fearful and overwhelmed by the process of applying for disability.

First and foremost she reassured me that we will get through this together, I was not alone.  She ensured that I was heard and knew that my fears were legit and that she understood. 

She gave me feedback in specific steps which helped me organize my thoughts and prioritize my actions. She focused my attention on where it was most needed and at the same time allowed space and suggested that I take time to grieve the losses that filing for disability shined a strong light on and take time for myself with each step of the process knowing it is hard and uncomfortable. 

I felt very much seen and heard and this allowed me to know that I was not crazy or alone in this process and that Alison was here for me. I felt she was side by side with me and helped me better understand what I was unable to with clarity and knowledge.

I learned a heck of a lot! Had I known of Alison and her services ahead of my sending in my disability application, I would have had less pressure and been better prepared.

I learned that it is incredibly important to document everything, keep connected to my doctors and their reports.

I learned how to give the right and most useful details possible while writing my documentation.

She also reminded me of the importance of taking care of myself in the process. 

 She is amazingly gifted in this work. I so appreciate her gentle, understanding compassion and ability to listen from her heart. It goes a HECK OF A LONG WAY!

I 100%%%%%%% recommend working with Alison,  I already sing her praises to friends, and would refer anyone to her!

— S.F.

You're not alone

I can untangle the process and emotions around applying for disability with you!

Let’s take some time together to understand how the process works.

I will help you feel confident in your decision, whether it’s to apply for disability now, or to wait until you reach a particular point in your health, work, and life balance.

We will discuss the realities of social welfare programs and why the application process can be so painful, as well as ways for you to protect yourself from the worst of those effects! 

I know that the idea of going onto welfare programs or even collecting an entitlement, can feel like an admission of failure, but you deserve to get the help you need, and sometimes this is the best possible option for you.

Two women, one white, one black, sit together at a table with a laptop in front of them. Both are smiling and focusing on the laptop's contents

confidently file the claim most likely to be accepted on the first try!

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one-on-one support

I'll help you understand and express your challenges

During four sessions, I will help you to:

I'm grateful for [Alison's] advice and encouragement which contributed to that success!

I started working with Alison about a year ago for assistance with my social security disability application.  Her support, breadth of knowledge and insights have been invaluable to me as I navigated the long and difficult process.  Having someone who is familiar with the many issues and obstacles one can encounter as a person dealing with chronic illness, has been so helpful.

My application was recently approved, and I’m grateful for her advice and encouragement which contributed to that success!

— Courtney F.

One-time payment of


Hello, I'm Alison.

I was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder in 2003, and applied for Social Security Disability Insurance in 2004.

I got it about 8 months later, which is considered exceptionally quick.

I have helped multiple clients apply for disability, and so far all of them have received benefits within around a year’s time.

I remember how emotionally painful my application process was, and know that many people struggle with the process, which is why I created this program.

I would love to help you get through this challenging time as well!

you deserve the benefits that you've earned!

Social Security runs both the SSDI program and SSI, collectively referred to as “disability benefits”.

If you are too disabled to work, you are likely eligible for one of these benefits. While applying for them can feel overwhelming, I’m here to support you in the process, and help you get the support you need.