Whether you:

  • Feel uncomfortable discussing your medical needs with your doctor
  • Feel overwhelmed by the barrage of medical information you need to process
  • Are desperately seeking a diagnosis that makes sense and feeling stuck
  • Have a diagnosis, but no plan for managing it

I can help you advocate for yourself!

Managing your medical care can feel like a full-time job, especially when you already have one!  You deserve to be able to live your best possible life without stressing so much about who to see or how to manage your condition.  Imagine setting up a once-monthly meeting to talk through all that medical stuff:  if you should replace a certain doctor(and with whom), what your treatment options really are, how to prioritize your health without it taking such a big bite out of your days.  

Sound like a dream come true?  Let’s talk. You deserve to enjoy your life.

Too many people(including doctors) just don’t understand how chronic conditions work. I do. 

I enjoy gaining a deep understanding about how certain conditions work, and helping people problem-solve. Let me help you solve your biggest medical challenges so that you can build yourself that better and healthier life. 

My service offering is a 6-month contract with one 90-minute meeting a month as well as access to me via email in between. 

For $3,000($500/month), we’ll make sure I can help you reach your personal medical care management goals, and find the right options or opportunities for you. 

Schedule a discovery call with me.