Healthcare selection coaching: 3 sessions

Healthcare selection coaching: 3 sessions

The first appointment will focus on understanding your options and concerns. We’ll discuss your current health insurance situation, and what choices you face in the upcoming year.  When we finish, you should have a baseline understanding of how insurance works, what your options are, and what questions you need to ask your insurance company(ies) to help you select the best plan for you.  

The second appointment will focus on the actual selection of your best plan.  We’ll meet again after you’ve had your questions answered, and layout the costs you can anticipate for the year with the different plans and compare your options, as well as acknowledging the unknowns and intangibles and the relative costs associated with those.   

Our goal is to for you to have a relatively firm idea of which insurance plan is the best option for you by the end of that second session - or for you to have a clear idea of how to select the plan if we run into additional questions you need to ask your insurer.

 The third session focuses on the transition you will make when your new plan kicks in.  I can help you anticipate the changes and challenges and have a plan for how to handle them as they occur.  For example, if you anticipate needing to adjust prescriptions or if you're going to be finding multiple new doctors, it can be important to prioritize your next steps and/or ensure that you get certain prescriptions refilled before the end of the year.