Social welfare support coaching

Social welfare support coaching

I can help you be sure of your decisions!

This coaching program is designed to help you decide if and how to get disability and low-income support for yourself

Over the course of four phone calls and through email communication, we will tackle your biggest challenge on the social welfare front, whether it is how to do it, what to do, or if you should apply.  I will be with you and help you determine the challenge to face down and help you through the process, then take some time to discuss how the process resolved and what might be good next steps for you to take.

Throughout the program, you have email access to me, to ask for clarification or further details. I want you to be able to make your decision and fill out your paperwork with confidence and clarity. The social welfare process is tricky and often emotionally exhausting, so you deserve to get the support you need while maintaining your mental and emotional health.