Managing FND Masterclass

Managing FND Masterclass

You deserve practical instructions to help you find the right medical partners to help you manage your condition!


  • Clearly articulate your symptoms, challenges, and needs, so that your doctor can deeply understand your diagnosis and treatment 
  • Be able to select doctors who are more likely to be good partners in treatment, and weed out the doctors who aren’t willing or able to help you.  
  • Understand the significance of your health insurance, so you can make the best use of your coverage and be better able to find a plan that better fits your needs when you can change plans
  • Understand the brokenness of the healthcare system and how while aspects may be your responsibility, the challenges are NOT YOUR FAULT 
  • Know where and how to look for other patient experts to help you find better medical professionals, treatment options, and ways around the broken systems.

Let’s spend an hour or so really understanding how and why you can and should be advocating for your medical care

In this virtual masterclass, I’ll spend an hour sharing hard-won lessons on when, how, and why you can make decisions that increase your odds of seeing the right doctors, avoiding or managing potentially traumatic interactions, as well as giving you new insights on why all of this is so challenging to do!

Afterward, I’ve got a half-hour set aside to answer your specific questions and concerns so you have actionable steps to take to make sure that you know how to get your needs met.  


All for only 47!