Untangling The Challenges Of Health Insurance | Thriving While Disabled

Personalized Coaching Support

Untangling the Challenges
of health care

One-on-one coaching to help you select your best health insurance option!

Tired of feeling overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right health insurance plan?

Are you confused by:

  • Too many descriptions you’re unfamiliar with
  • Options with difficult-to-decipher differences
  • Too many mysteries – often it feels like in describing your options, it’s hard to find the information that matters for you!
  • You know it impacts your future options, but figuring out how feels impossible

There's always a better option when it comes to your healthcare choices...

You deserve the plan
that actually works for you!

Black woman with short, natural hair reads over a document at her desk.

Know what you’ll pay each month. It’s time to understand the costs per month, per appointment, and per prescription.

Feel confident in your options. You deserve to understand how and why the plans you are offered are different from one another.

Balance your needs and your budget. Feel secure that you are selecting the health insurance plan that best balances your needs and finances so that you can afford to get the help you need, without overpaying.

Alison is great at getting down to the essence of a thought process or issue and putting it plain terms.

“I love working with Alison! She is supportive, empathetic and very compassionate. In the short time that we work together, she has already confirmed that I’m on the right track with the benefits planning I had done previously. 

She has been critical in helping me get out of my head. I have realized that I have to start taking small steps and stop overthinking. But you need a good mentor like Alison who can help you do that effectively. She’s also wonderful at finding and connecting you with resources and connections that can help you fulfill your goals. Highly recommended!”

— Riley G.

You're not alone

I can untangle the web of
healthcare offers with you!

Let’s take some time together to understand what your options are.

It’s important to understand why and how each option is different and (most importantly) what you need from your healthcare plan! 

I have been selecting plans for both myself and my partner for years, and have a deep understanding of how the plans work as well as being comfortable digging through the complicated vocabulary they use to get at the true implications of each offer. 

Two women, one white, one black, sit together at a table with a laptop in front of them. Both are smiling and focusing on the laptop's contents

Feel secure you're making the best choice for YOU.

one-on-one support

I'll help you weigh your options.

During two sessions, I will help you to:

One-time payment of


Hello, I'm Alison.

I was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder in 2003, and have been managing my health insurance for longer.

My analytical and system-focused thought process makes it easier to process things like insurance policies, and I’m happy to help others to understand how and why these systems work (or fail to, depending on your perspective).

Just like you, I’ve had to learn how to navigate the health care system out of necessity. In addition to managing my own needs, I’ve also helped my partner navigate through a series of health issues as well.  I developed this offer so you can benefit from the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

you can choose the plan that's
the best fit for you!

Choosing an insurance plan can be stressful and have a huge impact on your health. By working together, we can ensure that your insurance plan will support you through the coming year!