We are creating a safe space for members to nurture their seeds of hope by finding joy in the everyday.  We find the weeds and stones that impair our growth, and rip them out from the roots! Then we carefully plant the seeds for our own better lives.  As our desired seeds mature, we support one another through sharing our skills. We help one another increases our own self-knowledge, which helps us find our purpose.  We support one another, knowing that as we provide help to others, we are learning more about ourselves. Each member becomes more resilient as we build or rebuild the foundation of our mental and physical health.  This site is the beginning of a larger project, Hours Well Spent.


Thriving while disabled provides a collection of posts to help us recognize and overcome the obstacles in our lives while finding hope and joy in every day.  Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment for each member to regain control over their lives and find their purpose, one step at a time.  Our hope is to grow our community into a mutually supportive time bank so that members can further explore their gifts and talents by helping one another to succeed.  Building Hours Well Spent is my next step.


To help one another identify the problems in our lives that are holding us back, and help one another to resolve those difficulties for ourselves.  To take an unflinching look at the challenges we face. To grow a diverse community of people who are individually empowered and have a strong awareness of our boundaries, needs, and skills to offer.  We hold the space for us to experiment and find our purpose through recognizing the problems in their lives, resolving those problems in the healthiest possible way to better enjoy our life journey.