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Managing Functional Neurological Disorder Masterclass

Are you struggling to find doctors who even recognize the name of your condition?

Understand what FND is, how it works, and what treatment options are out there in this 60-minute masterclass!

Are you struggling with or for your FND diagnosis?

  • Did you get a diagnosis, but no support or advice from your doctor?
  • Are you still struggling to understand what Functional Neurological Disorder is?
  • Were you told you have Conversion Disorder and trying to figure out its relationship to FND?
  • Are you struggling to find physical therapists, neurologists, and other professionals who have even heard of the condition?
  • Do you have supportive professionals who simply have no idea how to help you?

You can develop your treatment plan and guide the professionals who help you…

You deserve to feel confident in your diagnosis and treatment!

You deserve a neurologist who works with you.
You deserve a neurologist who works with you.
All FND symptoms start in your brain.That doesn't make them any less real.

What would it look like if you had experts on FND guiding your treatment plan?

What would it look like if you knew your FND diagnosis was correctand had a plan for managing it?

Can you imagine shifting gears from identifying issues to identifying treatment options?

Can you picture having medical professionals who respect your experience and work with you on creating a long-term treatment plan?

Alison is great at getting down to the essence of a thought process or issue and putting it plain terms.

— Riley G.

You can do it by educating yourself on FND...

Join me for the Understanding and Managing FND masterclass!

Instead of being a passive patient, you can be a partner in managing your FND by seeking out experts and explaining your symptoms in a way people unfamiliar with the condition can understand and work with.

  • I was diagnosed with Conversion Disorder(now FND) in 2003, by a movement disorder specialist, after seeing 3 neurologists and 2 psychiatrists who mostly ruled out possibilities.  
  • I have gathered information, followed research, and participated in multiple programs to manage my FND
  • While I have gotten better, my FND appears to be intractable, so I understand many of the frustrations that go with the condition, including the feeling of powerlessness that symptoms so often encourage.
  • I’m offering this program to support and encourage you in your struggle to wrap your brain around this poorly-understood condition – one that most doctors are afraid to explain! 
  • You deserve to fully understand how this condition works, why so little is known or understood about it, and the treatment options currently available that could help you better manage your symptoms!

Feel empowered to push for treatment that improves your life, even if your doctors don’t know what to do next

In this class you will learn to:

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You deserve to understand what’s known(and unknown) about FND, and how you can get the support you need!

Functional Neurological Disorder is a common but poorly understood condition that too many doctors are clueless about.  I want to help you feel more confident in both your diagnosis and treatment, so that you can find the right treatment options for you.  

Isn’t it worth an hour or so of your time, and $27, to know how to find the right doctor(s) to partner with so you can best manage your condition?