Masterclass On Applying For Disability | Thriving While Disabled

Masterclass on Applying for Disability

A Practical guide to applying for disability!

Understand what your options are, and prepare yourself for the challenges involved in this 60-minute masterclass!

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Does the thought of applying for disability feel overwhelming?

  • Did a family member, friend, or doctor suggest you apply for disability, leaving you feeling frightened,  ashamed, or lost?
  • Are you wondering how you can keep going when you just can’t seem to get or keep a job due to your health?
  • Did you recently take early retirement or reduce work hours because of your condition, and are struggling with “what now?”
  • Have you heard horror stories of people waiting for years, only to be turned down, so you’re afraid to even start?

While not fun, it's not as scary as it sounds…

You can understand social security's rules and make an educated decision !

four people participating in the disability pride parade - an invisibly disabled black woman holding a sign reading 'Yes, and...", me, holding a sign that reads 'include disabled people in activism', a white woman in a wheelchair holding a sign reading 'the future is accessible, and another white woman beside her wearing a zebra-striped cap.
One white woman with curly brown hair and glasses sits at a table, looking at papers, while another white woman, with long straight brown hair pulled back in a ponytail stands by her, showing her additional documents. Both are focused on the work in front of them.

What would it look like if you had somebody who’s done it to show you the way?

Would understanding the societal bias underlying your fears around the disability programs help you take your next steps?

Can you imagine making knowledge-based decisons about your application, being prepared for each step of the journey?

Can you picture turning in the completed paperwork, proving your eligibility, and feeling confident about what you can do while you wait for your benefits letter?

I was feeling very desperate, fearful and overwhelmed with the [disability application] process.

First and foremost you[Alison] reassured me that we will get through this together, I was not alone. You ensured that I was heard and my fears were legit and that you understood.

Then you provided to your own experience and background. You gave me feedback in specific steps which helped organize my thoughts and actions to what to do which I really needed.

You focused my attention to where it was most needed and at the same time allowed space and suggested that I take time to grieve and take time for myself with each step of the process knowing its hard and uncomfortable.

— S. F., client

You deserve to understand this broken system, and how to navigate it!

Join me for the practical guide for applying for disability

Instead of being a victim of your condition, you can be an informed consumer, actively choosing to apply for the program that will help you rebuild your best possible life while managing your health.

  • I applied for disability in early 2003, and received my benefits later that same year, thanks to the guidance of people who understood the system and detailed medical records.  
  • Since receiving benefits,  I’ve studied the system, gathering a strong understanding of how it works and the challenges involved.
  • I also recognized my own emotional responses to both applying for and living off of this system, as well as discussing these experiences with others receiving similar supports
  • This masterclass is intended to help you understand the programs, and the impact that applying is likely to have on your mental and emotional health – because forewarned is forearmed. 
  • You deserve to know what to expect each step of the way, and understand why it impacts you so deeply.

Feel empowered to have the shortest possible period between applying and receiving your benefits, while protecting your mental health.

In this class you will learn:

For a One-time payment of


You deserve to understand how the Disability programs work, and the steps you can take to make the process as smooth as possible!

Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income are the US’s disability programs, and even when necessary, many of us view applying as stressful, frightening, and/or shameful. 

Understanding how the process works and why the stigma is so strong will help you make an informed decision on if, when, and how to apply.  I am offering you these insights as well as guidance on how to minimize your stress and pain during the process.

Isn’t it worth an hour or so of your time, and $27, to have that confidence and knowledge?