Masterclass On Understanding And Selecting Health Insurance | Thriving While Disabled

Masterclass on Selecting your best health insurance option

A Practical guide to health insurance!

Understand how US health insurance options work, and what you can do the find your best option.  There will be additional Q & A time after the presentation.

Black woman in trenchcoat stands, looking slightly lost, with a blurred train behind her and people walking past her, all blurred to imply motion.

do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to healthcare plan selection?

  • Unsure about the significance of copays as opposed to coinsurance, or wondering about other  specialized vocabulary?
  • Are you facing new options for health insurance plans and unsure how to differentiate between them?
  • Are you managing more medication than you are used to and confused by drug tiers, generic vs brand name medications, or other options that just don’t seem to make sense?
  • Have you been burned in past years, selecting plans that you thought sounded good, but later learned actually increased your monthly expenses?

Health insurance plan selection isn't easy, but understanding your options will help you find your best one…

regain your sense of control by understanding how health insurance plans work!

A dark-skinned man sits next to a dark-skinned woman at a table. There are papers spread in front of them, and she is sitting in front of a laptop computer. He looks pensive, while she is turned towards him with an encouraging smile.
A person holds a piece of paper in their left hand while typing on a calculator with their left hand. The calculator is sitting on a wooden table, with a white computer keyboard visible in front of them. They are wearing a brown button-down shirt and only their torso and hands are visible due to the shot being close-cropped.

What would it look like if you had somebody with years of practice selecting plans to guide you?

Can you imagine reading the plan description and going “got it!” rather than “huh?”

Can you imagine making knowledge-based decisions about your health insurance plan, and being able to directly compare two or more plans?

Can you picture confidently starting the new year knowing your preferred doctors are covered, being able to anticipate the cost of each appointment, and knowing how much your medication should cost each month?

I felt [Alison] was side by side with me and helped me better understand what I was unable to with clarity and knowledge.

—S. F., client

[Alison]’s very good at getting down to the essence of a thought process or issue and putting it in plain terms.

—Riley Gerlach, client

You deserve to understand this broken system, and how to navigate it!

Join me for the practical guide to understanding health insurance

Rather than feeling confused and overwhelmed by your health insurance options, I want to help you be an informed consumer, able to compare plans with a focus on your needs and options.

  • I have been selecting my own healthcare plans since 2005, while managing multiple health issues – and have guided others through the process.  
  • I understand the vocabulary and concepts of the system, and how easy it can be to get lost in the options.
  • I’m here to help you invest time into selecting your plan now so you pay less money later.
  • This masterclass is intended to help you understand what is and isn’t covered by your healthcare plan, so you can select your best option.
  • We also will discuss mental and emotional costs that accompany health insurance plans and plan selection- because this is about more than money.
  • You deserve to feel confident every step of the way, especially since these plans and options are intended to be overly complicated and overwhelming. 

Feel empowered to select the plan that best meets your needs

A person holds a clipboard with a health insurance policy on it. They have a pen in their right hand, and are pointing at a section of the policy. They are wearing a gray checkered business suit and a white button down shirt. The picture is close-cropped showing only the clipboard and a section of the person's torso, hand and left arm.

In this class you will learn:

For a One-time payment of


You deserve to understand how health insurance works, and to feel empowered by the knowledge necessary to select the best plan for you

All non-governmental health insurance policies are more focused on making a profit than on your needs. Government-sponsored health insurance focuses on meeting the average needs of the average user. That isn’t you either.  

Your job, when it comes to health insurance, is to pick the plan that will give you the coverage you need at the most affordable price you can find.  

Isn’t it worth an hour or so of your time, and $37, to understand just what the rules are and how can find the plan that is the best fit for you?