Masterclass On Working While On Disability | Thriving While Disabled

Masterclass on working while on Disability

A Practical guide to Protecting your benefits!

Understand how SSI and SSDI encourage you to work(and what stumbling blocks are in place) in this 60-minute masterclass!  There will be additional Q & A time after the presentation.

Light-skinned man in wheelchair with an anxious or concerned look on his face raises his hand. He is a wheelchair user with glasses, dark hair, and a mustache, with a black mask covering his chin. He is wearing a black shirt with a multicolored pattern on it and blue jeans.

Do you want to work but fear losing your benefits?

  • Are you wondering if you could supplement your income from social security just a little?
  • Do you think you’re recovering, but fear losing your benefits if you try to work again but can’t, or relapse?
  • Have you heard a variety of conflicting rules from people and just don’t know what to believe?
  • Did you know that in some cases the earned  income that makes you ineligible can be less than your monthly payment?

It's a bit of a tightrope walk, but it's not as scary as it seems…

understand social security's rules so you can control if you stop collecting!

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dark-skinned man sits at desk with paperwork in front of him, a calculator to his left, which is he looking at, and a laptop to his right. He is wearing a black suit with black tie and a white shirt.

What would it look like if you had somebody who’s done it to show you the way?

Would understanding Social Security’s income and benefit payment rules help you feel more confident in your decisions?

Can you imagine making knowledge-based decisons about your employment, knowing exactly what aspect of your coverage might be impacted?

Can you picture doing the work you want to do at a pace that meets your needs, with a plan for how your income will impact your benefits?

[Alison]’s very good at getting down to the essence of a thought process or issue and putting it in plain terms.

“I love working with Alison! She is supportive, empathetic and very compassionate. In the short time that we work together, she has already confirmed that I’m on the right track with the benefits planning I had done previously. Looking forward to continued sessions with her where we can discuss how to handle finances (as a disabled entrepreneur) once the business brings in money.

… She’s very good at getting down to the essence of a thought process or issue and putting it in plain terms. That really helps! She’s also wonderful at finding and connecting you with resources and connections that can help you fulfill your goals. Highly recommended!”

—Riley Gerlach, client

You deserve to understand this broken system, and how to navigate it!

Join me for the practical guide to working while on disability

Instead of feeling trapped in poverty, you can be an informed consumer, actively in control of if or when you stop receiving benefits, protecting your peace of mind while improving your financial situation.

  • I have been primarily supported by SSDI since 2003, working or attending graduate school for much of that time.  
  • Since receiving benefits,  I’ve studied the system, gathering a strong understanding of how it works and the challenges involved.
  • I have learned from the mistakes I made, which deepened my understanding of both the process and the mental roadblocks which can occur along the way.
  • This masterclass is intended to help you understand the rules around working while on SSDI or SSI and being prepared to document necessary information and make the necessary calculations to control when or if you stop receiving what benefits.
  • We also will discuss the fears around working while on disability and how you can use this knowledge to confront and control those fears.
  • You deserve to feel confident every step of the way, and that self-confidence is often damaged by becoming disabled and going on disability! 

Feel empowered to work while collecting benefits, fully aware of the risks and how to manage them.

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In this class you will learn:

For a One-time payment of


You deserve to understand the impacts of working while on disability, so you can be in control of if or when you stop receiving benefits

Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income both  allow and encourage you to work after you have started collecting benefits, but with the caveat that if you earn “too much” you become ineligible for the programs, no  matter how disabled you are.  

This makes the process  of working while on these programs fraught and frightening, as we need these benefits(especially the insurance) to survive, and sometimes the earned income that ends our coverage is less  than our monthly payments!

Isn’t it worth an hour or so of your time, and $27, to understand just what the rules are and how  you can protect yourself?