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Personalized Coaching Support

Medical Care Management Coaching

One-on-one coaching to help you develop your best possible treatment plan and find the right doctors to support you on your healing journey

Overwhelmed on the medical front?  Feel like your doctor isn’t helping you the way you need?


  • Feel uncomfortable discussing your medical needs with your doctor

  • Get overwhelmed by the barrage of medical information you need to process

  • desperately want  a diagnosis that makes sense

  • Have a diagnosis, but no plan for managing it

  • Need to get through a complicated process and want somebody to support you through the steps

  • Find your healthcare plan and rules overwhelming, and need help navigating your care?

I can be your medical BFF so you can get your needs met…

Picture minimal appointments, each with a purpose, only seeing doctors who work as your partner in treatment

Two women, one white, one black, sit together at a table with a laptop in front of them. Both are smiling and focusing on the laptop's contents

What would it look like if you trusted your doctor enough to share all of your experiences and concerns?

Can you imagine having medical information translated into comprehensible English, at a pace you can handle?

What would it look like to have medical information gathered that confirms a detailed diagnosis and see a doctor who understands the condition?

Can you imagine developing a detailed treatment plan for your diagnosis, including habits to build and medication to take, having considered all of your options?

Can you imagine having someone ready and able to help you process that big scary medical procedure you need, and help you make sure you have a plan for recovery?

Alison is great at getting down to the essence of a thought process or issue and putting it plain terms.

“I love working with Alison! She is supportive, empathetic and very compassionate. In the short time that we work together, she has already confirmed that I’m on the right track with the benefits planning I had done previously. 

She has been critical in helping me get out of my head. I have realized that I have to start taking small steps and stop overthinking. But you need a good mentor like Alison who can help you do that effectively. She’s also wonderful at finding and connecting you with resources and connections that can help you fulfill your goals. Highly recommended!”

— Riley G.

You can have that support

Introducing Medical Care Coaching to help you navigate the broken medical system!

You are the expert when it comes to your body and mind

  • Ableism is deeply entrenched in society.  All too often, we feel that simply being sick or incapacitated is a moral failing on our part.  I can help you tease out when you’re falling into this mental trap and help you recognize this tendency in yourself and others
  • Our healthcare system itself is broken, which makes all aspects of getting care challenging and painful.  I can help you recognize this brokenness, so you don’t shoulder an emotional burden that isn’t yours while taking the steps necessary to get the care you need.
  •  Doctors are no longer doing their full jobs, and so I’m stepping in to help you navigate the system and ensure that your needs are met and you get the quality care you deserve
  • I know from experience how to fight my way to the proper care and I want to share my expertise with you 
  • With my medical care coaching program, I’m ready and able to help you understand your challenges and make the difficult decisions that will lead to you having the best possible medical care and doctor’s support
Alison Hayes smiling

Let me be your medical BFF so you can make your medically life-altering decisions with confidence

one-on-one support

I'll help you organize your medical life

During these six months, I will help you to:

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Hello, I'm Alison.

I’ve been where you are, and I got through it thanks to my own determination and the support of family and friends, some of whom really understood the healthcare and welfare system.    

I’ve been able to put together a strong sense of what needs to be done to get the proper care- based on my and my partner’s experiences, as well as discussions with others.

It isn’t easy to get your needs met, but I’ve developed a deep understanding of both doctors’ logic and how healthcare works so I’m in a good position to help guide you.

I will use my own empathy and research skills to help lift you up as you struggle through the physical and emotional challenges that accompany the struggle for quality medical care.  

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by navigating a broken healthcare system, I’m here to smooth the way.

You deserve quality care from doctors who understand and respect you and your needs

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by everything medical that needs to happen or feel so traumatized by previous experiences that you don’t know how to get the care you need, I’m here for you.  

If you had things under control, then started working and everything seems to have slid off the rails, I’m here to help you find the right doctors and get your treatment plan back to something relatively simple and manageable.

If you’ve just moved(or are about to move) to a new place and are going to need to totally rebuild your medical team. I can help you do so.

If you’re planning or considering a major surgery or treatment program and you want somebody to help you consider all the ramifications, find the right doctor/hospital/clinic to do it, and help you plan your recovery,  I’m here for you.

Basically, my goal is to be with you when you have a large scale big scary medical problem and you need somebody by your side who can empathize with the challenges, translate the medicalese, and help you feel empowered to get the best possible results with the minimal amount of stress.  

I’m here to help you get peace of mind, understand the process, and find the doctors and medical teams that will best support you.  

Doctor speaking to patient

Know that you are getting the most from your medical care

You deserve to have doctors you know, like, and trust, as well as a treatment plan that makes sense and a solid plan for how to carry it out.  

I’m here to help you get all that and feel confident in your ability to readjust if anything changes.  I’m here to hold your hand through the process and help you understand your options and make the best possible decisions, step by step.  

You deserve quality care and reliable doctors – and I’m here to help you get those needs met!