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Medical Self-advocacy Masterclass

Tired of doctors who won’t listen and treatment suggestions that don’t help you?

Learn to take charge of your medical care in this 60-minute masterclass!

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What if you had the tools to manage and improve your health with minimal stress?

  • Tired of doctors talking at you instead of with you?  
  • Do you find yourself being prescribed medications without a chance to discuss options?

  • Are you still trying to figure out just what’s gone wrong in your body?

  • Do you struggle to explain your condition or symptoms to others?

  • Are you afraid to see doctors, owing to bad previous experiences?

Feel empowered to get the quality care you deserve…

You deserve to fully understand your condition and treatment options - and work with your doctors on next steps!

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What would it look like if your doctor(s) was your partner in every aspect of your diagnosis and treatment?
Imagine yourself confidently discussing symptoms and management with your doctors – because you are the expert on how your body works!
What would it look like to actively participate in every aspect of your treatment, so that you decide your future?
Can you picture having a doctor who calls you back quickly when you are in an urgent situation, so you don’t need to go to the hospital?

Alison is great at getting down to the essence of a thought process or issue and putting it plain terms.

“I love working with Alison! She is supportive, empathetic and very compassionate. . .

She has been critical in helping me get out of my head. I have realized that I have to start taking small steps and stop overthinking. But you need a good mentor like Alison who can help you do that effectively. She’s also wonderful at finding and connecting you with resources and connections that can help you fulfill your goals. Highly recommended!”

— Riley G.

You can take charge and manage your care options..

Take the masterclass on medical self-advocacy so you can build your support network

Instead of being a passive patient, you can be a partner in managing your condition through actively seeking the right medical partners and thoroughly understanding your own medical needs.
  • I’ve been the unsure patient being overprescribed medications to treat the side effects of other medications – and learned how to question both the treatment plan and the diagnosis
  • I’ve had doctors with pet diagnoses convince me to take “less invasive” but more painful AND LESS ACCURATE testing
  • I’ve learned how to recognize those doctors and tendencies, and how to make the necessary requests, decisions, and adjustments to avoid the worst damage and get to the quality information more quickly.
  • I offer this program and my coaching packages specifically to help folks like you who are dealing with a health condition and aren’t sure how to find the right doctors and communicate clearly with them so that you get the quality diagnosis and care that you deserve.   

You deserve practical instructions to help you find the right medical partners to help you manage your condition

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In this class you will learn to:

For a One-time payment of


Ensure that your voice is heard when it comes to your medical care!

You have a health condition that’s impacting your quality of life, and are trying to get the help you need from a broken healthcare system.  It’s hard, painful, and these challenges are not your fault!


Isn’t it worth an hour or so of your time, and $27, to know how to find the right doctor(s) to partner with so you can best manage your condition?